The weather

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El Tiempo en Alajeró

The weather of La Gomera is very similar to the rest of the Canary Islands , a mixture of subtropical climate with variable winds .

La Gomera vary greatly in their climates and landscapes greatly from one part to another of the island, its mountains and its orientation . There are numerous local climates , especially in areas of ravines.

La Gomera has two main climate types , one is north and the other is the South . The northern climate is exposed to winds from the north, is a stable and clean wind , especially in the valleys. This wind also gives a high humidity and continues to be a mixture of sunshine and cloudy weather , raising the humidity .

It is the main climate of the island they live throughout the year .

The southern climate is warm winds which causes temperatures to rise more than when north is very sunny and humid the weather, and where else really sticks not many people live .

A large part of the island of La Gomera is located about 800 meters above sea level, this area is very popular , very wet and very battered by trade winds , which cover the central part of the island steadily.

This area includes Garajonay National Park and Laurel forests .